The VR Comic Book Reader

A new way to experience comics — in vivid grand scale and comfort

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Entering the

We're building a post-screen world to improve how we interact with technology

  • Utility apps in one space, designed for VR and AR

  • A comfortable and focused environment

  • Productivity via freedom from small screens

Starting with a VR Comic Book Reader

is a space of immersive utilities beginning with a way to read comics

  • Comic pages as striking life-sized murals

  • Read free or indie comics or upload your own

  • Use hands-free in comfort on the couch or in bed

  • Immerse in a distraction-less environment

  • Colors of the sky shift to match the comic

  • Detailed and sharp to almost appear 3D

Available for the by installing through Sidequest

Sharp, Vivid, and Immersive

We've taken great care in presenting the pages of a comic book as sharp, vivid, and immersive as they have ever been.

"Experiencing it in VR, specifically experiencing the artwork at this scale, is incredible. It's like looking at a movie poster or artwork in a gallery."

A Comfortable and Smooth Reading Experience

No gimmicks, a smooth reading experience needing only your thumb. Chill on the couch or lay in bed.

"Other than Shadowpoint sessions, the sessions I spent in the app are the longest unbroken sessions I have had in VR, because it's just super comfy."

Featuring Indie Comics

We are continually reaching out to indie comic book artists to feature more great comics for free.

Featured: Midwestern Spaghetti: Bricked by Keith Pakiz

What's Next

We aim to craft the best comic reading experience possible.

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  • Reddit Client

  • Book Reader

  • Audio Visualizer

  • Messenger

  • Universal Video Player

  • Web Browser

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Our Other Work

We are a team of two developers that have been focusing on VR since 2014.

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If you're not satisified with the app, or you are in a tough situation financially to be able to purchase the app, contact us at [email protected] or [email protected], and we'll work something out!

Every dollar goes a long way for our small two-person team in trying to push VR forward.